Do you need a license to touch? The ethics of adjustments in yoga teaching

Posted by Suzanne Dulin on

Are you aware of the controversy in the yoga world about whether teachers should touch students or not?

Lately, I've seen more and more conversations on social media that yoga teachers are avoiding touching their students. Some teachers do this out of respect for their student's emotional safety, because people who have experienced trauma have said that unwanted touch makes them feel unsafe. Some teachers fear lawsuits should they cause an injury. Some teachers have had very little training, and simply do not feel comfortable making adjustments.

Back when I learned to teach, the option of not touching a student was never discussed. I love receiving adjustments and giving them. I think it's something special in a yoga class to be skillfully nurtured, not just by the teacher's presence, but by her actions.

I'm really excited to share this opportunity for you to ask questions and engage in conversation with Robert Gardner, who is both a massage therapist and a yoga teacher. He has a unique perspective on the ethics of touch.

He'll be on videconference with us Sunday at 2 pm EST.

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