Coping Through Change Course

  • $46.99

Coping Through Change e-course has 5 easy to apply, deeply restorative practices that take you through a progression of care that will hold you, so that you have the strength, the support, and the courage to guide your family through a major life transition. You will feel nurtured and cared for as you take a few minutes to focus on your own feelings and needs so that you can respond with integrity to everyone else's needs during challenging times.
In addition to the 5 Coping Through Change modules that include action steps you can
take right now. You'll receive videos and printables designed to support you through the difficult times in  your life:
  • Includes 3 guided meditations (video)
  • EFT Tapping Instructions and video
  • Guided imagery video
  • Positive affirmations video
  • Positive affirmations printable 

About Jessica Dugas

Jessica Dugas is a M.O.M. or 'Mentor of Moms', helping them to reduce the stress and overwhelm in their lives. She's also a homeschooling mom to six beautiful children ranging in age from 9 months to 15 years old. In 2013, after years of poor health on every level (mentally, spiritually, physically), she set out on a journey toward whole body health and wellness. She has immersed herself in education, completely and purposely changing her circle of influence to reflect the kind of life she wants to live... the kind of woman, wife and mother she wants be. She wakes up every day with purpose and determination and her wish is for every mom to not only wake up with those feelings too, but to then harness that purpose and determination for something great!