I'm Suzanne Dulin, moderator of the largest and longest running discussion board about yoga on the Internet, the Moving Into Stillness discussion board. I am proud of my work there and hope to continue leading the yoga community here, at the Sadhana Community discussion board and catalog.

Quick Facts About Me

✔ Practitioner since 1990
✔ Instructor since 1998
✔ Protege of best-selling author Erich Schiffmann
✔ Moderator for the Moving Into Stillness discussion board since 2000, a global community of yogis centered on the teachings of Erich Schiffmann
✔ Trained in Iyengar, Anusara, and Kripalu yoga
✔ Trained as a teacher by Bob Glickstein/Moses Brown, Donna Farhi, and Erich Schiffmann

About Sadhana Community

I want you to continue to be a force for change on the planet.

Sadhana Community supports yogis to dare to live and to teach as you are inspired to. It's inspirational, philosophical, and filled with pragmatic ideas for creating both an inspired practice and a business filled with heart that can support you. 

About the Catalog

In my years of learning about and teaching yoga, I've created connections with yogis all over the world who are creating extraordinary things for the yoga community.

I've long had a dream of putting all these talents together in one catalog to bring the finest yoga clothing, props, courses, music, videos, and artwork to yogis who are seeking something special to aid their healing work.

All the people you see here have been in business for more than five years creating their lovely things. There is a quality of excellence in their work that represents the goal of sadhana, extraordinary practice.

About the Business Support Group

People who wish to provide products and services to the Sadhana Catalog have support for creating a business that provides them with a right livelihood. This online business support group is free.

In the business support group, Sadhana Catalog vendors have access to to a community of other yogis who are interested in modeling leadership in ethical, spiritual business practices. They also have access to recommended resources for business training.

One special part of this business support team is access for free to professional online course creators who will guide both healers and business support experts through the process of creating a online training hosted by the Sadhana Catalog. Though everyone donates their time up front, the profits from the courses are divided among the Sadhana Catalog, course creators, and our subject matter experts.