Loving Kindness Meditation

  • $8.99

The Buddhist practice of Metta meditation is a simple but profound form of meditation.

This meditation is the form of a prayer said first for oneself and then to people progressively further away from your circle of concern - first for your loved ones, then for acquaintances, for enemies or people you do not like, and then for the healing of the whole world.

I knew of this audio recording made by Catherine Carrigan, a longtime friend of mine who is a multi-talented yoga teacher, medical intuitive, and fitness expert and requested that she make it available for the Sadhana catalog. I have had a hard time finding a metta meditation that is so well produced, so artfully constructed in the journey that it takes the listener on, and I love that it is about 20 minutes long - just enough time for a break away to focus on your own sense of inner peace and renewing yourself in order to continue to give with love and kindness to those around you and to the larger community.

Length: 19 minutes, 29 seconds